Children’s Dentistry

Growing teeth need plenty of attention, which means looking after them effectively at home and bringing your children to see the dentist for preventive dental care.

Teeth start to emerge at around six months and this is the best time to bring your little ones for their first check-up.

As well as regular visits to the dentist, an effective home care routine is essential for keeping developing teeth healthy. Your dentist can offer advice about how best to maintain the health of your child’s teeth between appointments.

You should start to clean teeth as soon as they appear and continue this as children get older, with supervised brushing twice a day. Flossing can also be introduced when teeth start to touch each other.

As well as cleaning teeth, you should also pay attention to your child’s diet, making sure they don’t consume too many sugary foods and drinks.

Fissure Sealants

We can apply a protective clear coating over the fissures in the back teeth to protect them from decay. The fissures are the thin groves in the biting surfaces of the teeth and can be prone trapping small particles of food. Fissure sealants are best painted onto the back molars when they first erupt. They can last many years.

Fluoride varnish

We can apply fluoride varnish to children’s teeth as an additional form of protection alongside regular brushing. It is a gel-like substance that is painted onto the teeth using a soft brush and quickly sets. It slows down decay by halting demineralisation and makes the outer layer of the tooth more resistant to attacks from acid. Fluoride varnish is most effective if applied two to four times a year.

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Was recommended Clarendon Dental by a receptionist at QA and so pleased I eventually called following no joy with any NHS surgeries in the area. My daughter had her adult tooth growing behind her baby teeth, which we were worried about, but after seeing Laura, who was fantastic, we were put at ease. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new dental surgery. Thanks everyone at Clarendon Dental!

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